Photography Packages

Mirrorball Studio will work with you for any type of photography you need. Contact us and we can talk through a plan together. Below are some of the standard services we offer. 

Headshots - This package is for 30 minutes of shooting of a single person on location and includes 5 professionally retouched digital photos $95

Family portraits - This package is for 60 minutes of shooting on location with you, your family, your pets and any others that like to welcome themselves into your home and includes 15 professionally retouched digital photos $170

Promotional photos - This package is for 60 minutes of shooting of a person or products on location and includes 15 professionally retouched digital photos for you to use in any promotional activities $170

Real Estate Photography - This package is designed for a standard family home of 3 or 4 bedrooms and features both internal and external images and includes 20 professionally retouched digital photos $280

Gig photography - This includes and evening of on location shooting of your band and 10 professionally retouched digital photos $210 (Friday and Saturday evenings only)

Engagement photos - This package is for an on location shoot for you and your betrothed for as long as it takes to create the most beautiful photos. It includes 15 professionally retouched digital photos $210 (Weekends only)

Wedding photos - Every wedding needs to be personalised. There is not a one size that fits all. Contact me and together we will organise your individual plan. Packages start at $550

Event photography - Event photography is also not a one size fits all. Contact me for a discussion on what you need and we can work through a plan for your event. 

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