About Me

Mirrorball Studio was formed in 2015. We are an Auckland based photography and social media management studio.

After years of working in the world of corporate finance, I needed to get back to my creative roots. I have a Diploma in Photography and a Diploma in Wedding Photography coupled with Diplomas in Digital Media and Social Media Marketing.

I started photography because I love the challenge of capturing that perfect image. With my creative background, spending years on stage as a musician, I love to photograph more than just a standard posed shots to give my clients photos they will cherish forever.

My philosophy for photography is that a photographer can capture emotion, convey skills and communicate talent. Whether it be someone zooming around the racetrack, a family wanting to create amazing memories, a model embarking on their career or someone wanting to advertise their brand, I make sure emotion, skill and talent are all encapsulated in the images she takes. 

I feel absolutely privileged to be invited into people's lives to immortalise them forever.

At Mirrorball Studio, you are in the hands of experienced, professional and passionate photographers. We love to start our journey with you by having a chat about what is important to you and what you want to achieve from your photoshoot. It's important for us to make sure you get exactly what you want and we produce images that meet you needs. Mirrorball Studio is all about creating photographs that you can look fondly on for many years to come and treasure for the rest of your life.

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Eden Terrace, Auckland